Hannah Johnson

'Hannah is a real talent who deserves to do well.  This is a great debut album, and I’m impressed with her song writing skills. Highly recommended.'
- Ronnie Wood, January 2018
'She's a fine talent, her best to date right up there with anything from the States' - Best of 2017
- Marie Crichton, BBC Radio Shropshire, January 2018(Read More)
'A handful of superb original compositions sit perfectly next to excellent interpretations of classic country songs.' - Critics’ Choice – The Best of 2017
- Michael Hingston, Country Music People, January 2018
'The first single ‘Your Girlfriend Hates Me’, enjoyed several weeks at the top of the Hotdisc chart which is hugely encouraging and indicates much more success may be on it’s way for Hannah in 2018. She has an original and versatile vocal style well worth hearing.' - Critics’ Choice – The Best of 2017
- Chris Smith, Country Music People, January 2018
'Using every sinew of her musical passion, she led the band admirably through a wealth of complementary material, standing aside when necessary to afford a couple of impeccable pickers the platform to excel. Never afraid to stretch her vocal acumen, a series of diverse covers just exceeded the original offering, while contributing to a seamless hour and half of beam balancing music in terms of authenticity and true to the deep-rooted core of a maligned genre.'
- David Hughes, Three Chords & The Truth (Live Review) December 2017(Read More)
'Shaken is a confident debut solo album from an artist who knows her musical heritage, but is no slave to it.'
- Michael Hingston, ★★★★★ Country Music People, July 2017(Read More)
'A dynamic live performer too, Johnson proved her authenticity chops long ago with the Toy Hearts, but this serves as a terrific launch of what promises to be an equally illustrious and acclaimed solo career.'
- Mike Davies, Folking, July 2017(Read More)
'Hannah is doing exceedingly well.. A great album.'
- Lee Williams, CMR Nashville Radio, July 2017(Read More)
'Qualifies as being in the best of British Country Music'
- Roger Peck, British Country Music Show, July 2017(Read More)
'Country AND Western that will break your heart (and mend It too!)... 36 minutes minutes of Country Heaven.'
- Alan Harrison, Rocking Magpie, June 2017(Read More)
'If you want to hear honest, authentic Country music as it should be sung and played , then do listen to this album. You won't regret it.'
- Peter Cowley, FATEA, June 2017 (Read More)
'A highly infectious collection of tunes perfectly encapsulating the soul of traditional country music.'
- David Hughes, Three Chords & The Truth, June 2017(Read More)
'Hannah certainly knows her country music.'
- Michael Park, The International Americana Music Show
'Hannah Johnson is one of my favourite young talents. Her lovely voice is strong, sultry, soulful 'n' sassy. Her songwriting and stage presence present all this in an awesome live show.'
- Toni Price, Austin TX
'A fabulous mixture of western swing, classic country and a touch of the blues… Hannah has a wonderful voice and conveyed her enthusiasm for the music. Stewart was in superb from on the pedal steel.'
- Michael Hingston, Country Music People (Live Review)

The Toy Hearts

(On Flyin' Too High) 'Fine Western Swing EP from one of the UK's best.'
- Jeremy Searle, Americana UK, April 2014.
(On Flyin' Too High) 'The Toy Hearts have chosen songs from an interesting variety of sources and infused them with their own personality... They make a formidable team.'
- Michael Hingston, Country Music People, April 2014.
'Flyin' Too High has The Toy Hearts reaching a great altitude, bang on Western Swing.'
- Peter Cowley, Fatea Records, March 2014.
'Flyin’ Too High is further proof that they are very fine interpretative exponents of a style anchored to the core of country music.'
- Three Chords & the Truth, March 2014.
'So what's all the fuss about a father and two daughters from Birmingham playing American roots music? Make that Birmingham, England. And make that some of the most skillfully and joyously played American roots music on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, and you start to see why The Toy Hearts are so special.'
- Austin Music Journal, Texas, USA, September 2013.
(On Whiskey) 'Swinging sisters plus dad continue to surprise... A solid slab of good time listening.'
- MT, Guitarist, July 2012.
(On Whiskey) 'This is a great album by one of Britain's best country groups.'
- David Knowles, Maverick, July 2012.
'Mixing influences from country music at the time of Hank Williams with influences from the blues of the 1930er/40er years together with elements of Brit Soul, from Dusty Springfield to Amy Winehouse. This sounds and is exciting, thrilling and hot.'
- Broken Silence, July 2012.
(On Whiskey) 'The Toy Hearts are a tenacious bunch and inject an urgency which doesn't let up. Now, supplemented by a gifted rhythm team, fiddle and piano, it makes a big statement... You'll soon be juke joint jumpin' on a Saturday night!'
- David Kushar, Spiral Earth, July 2012.
'Yoking their majestic close harmony voices to some splendid musical back-ups, theirs is a classic sound that somehow belongs to the here and now... The many charms of Whiskey ensures that you'll be making plenty of trips to The Toy Hearts bar.'
- ACR, Properganda, June/July 2012.
'Whiskey, the group's fourth album, has much to recommend it: not least the heartfelt vocals of lead singer Hannah Johnson.'
- Simmy Richman, The Independent, June 2012.
'The Toy Hearts will soon be stealing more hearts. Make mine a double.'
- Sunday Mercury, 'Album of the Week', June 2012.
'Jolly steel guitar laced, harmony-rich country swing. Their natural feel for the jazzier end if the honky tonk is reflected in competent originals and covers of classics.'
- The Daily Mirror, June 2012.
'Yet more fine music from one of the best British bands... An album that reaches out beyond the band's bluegrass roots and should see them consolidate their position as among the best of British.'
- Jeremy Searle, Americana UK, June 2012.
'Whiskey is an album that shows off The Toy Hearts at their versatile best as they incorporate elements of Bluegrass, swing, jazz, blues and country to produce this feel good record that is unlike anything else around at the moment.'
- Helen Earnshaw, Female First, June 2012.
'There is a distinctive sheen to everything on the album but nothing that has that cloying glossiness that is so formulaic. In this generic field you will be very fortunate to hear better this year!'
- American Roots UK, June 2012.
(On Whiskey) 'An album of superbly executed performances that are played with an irrepressible sense of joy.'
- Michael Hingston, Country Music People, June 2012.
'A well polished act in the Hot Club of Cowtown style with much in the way of super smooth musical eloquence and ear friendly cotton candy vocals evidenced here.'
- Bluesbunny, May 2012.
'Over the past six years, they’ve been bolstering their musicianship, songwriting and reputation to the point where, if they continue making music like this, fully warrant becoming the first British inductees to the Country Music Hall of Fame.'
- Mike Davies, NetRhythms, April 2012.
'One of my favourite bands.'
- Imelda May.
'Influenced by the Nashville guitar pickers and singers, they are two very sweet girls.'
- - Ronnie Wood - Absolute Radio, Dec 2011.
(On Femme Fatale) 'It's really lovely, I like it very much.'
- Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2, Sept 2011.
'Fronted by sisters Hannah and Sophia Johnson, there are sweet harmonies and commendable forays into hot jazz and old-time swing.'
- Rob Hughes, Uncut, Jan 2011.
'Support was from the UK's Toy Hearts who have moved away from a more bluegrassy sound, almost out-Hotclubbed Hot Club on their latest release and proved to be well suited to support Austin's finest exponents of Western Swing and Gypsy Jazz. With similar influences, Sisters Hannah (mandolin) and Sophia (guitar) were a delight, highly personable, and proved they have what it takes for some serious cross over potential without compromising their music.'
- Michael Hingston, Live Review for Country Music People, Dec 2010.
'Style and substance are admirable attributes for any band. But couple them with hard work and commitment and you're onto something good. The Toy Hearts have all the bases covered and Femme Fatale, recorded in Nashville, is a fine document of the Johnson family's winning formula.'
- David Kushar, SpiralEarth, Nov 2010.
'The Toy Hearts have absorbed the culture and songwriting of acoustic American music, but their music and their singing has a definitely British accent.'
- Michael Hingston, Country Music People, Nov 2010.
'They fully deserves to be the first British act nominated for a bluegrass Grammy. We should consider ourselves lucky, Nashville didn't confiscate their passports so they couldn't ever leave!'
- Mike Davies, NetRhythms, Oct 2010.
'As well as producing quite possibly the finest and most authentic-sounding blend of Americana of any UK act, The Toy Hearts possess a trump card in the heart-melting voice of Hannah Johnson... With 'Femme Fatale' as a calling card, the UK Americana crown is The Toy Hearts' for the taking.'
- Sean McGhee, R2, Oct 2010.